Welcome to Zero Proof, your home for non-alcoholic awesomeness this January and February.

Presented by City Seltzer in partnership with Seedlip and Ottawa cocktail guru Tristan Bragaglia-Murdock, consider this your invitation to celebrate good times and enjoy quality, complex flavours while sacrificing none of the convivial spirit and human connection that comes with raising a glass together. 

Zero Proof is multitudes. NA cocktail classes, make-at-home recipes and fresh seltzer flavs. It's an Ottawa-wide NA cocktail crawl at some of the city's top bars and restaurants. It culminates with the Zero Proof Invitational, an NA cocktail competition with Ottawa's best cocktail creators and a blow-the-doors-off party. 

Whether you're choosing sobriety this season or just being mindful about consumption, we're firm believers that going dry can and should be every bit as bubbly.

Cheers, Ottawa.